Mother Seton Academy’s Student Support Services


The Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission (MOESC) provides a full-time school nurse. Our school has fully equipped health facility. The school health services support the educational goals of the school. There services, provides by the nurse, include:

Daily assessment of children's heath concerns and monitoring communicable disease

Administration of medicines and treatment per parental consent, order from child's doctor, and basic first aid procedures/emergency care

Referrals to physicians or community services

Mandatory annual vision and hearing screening

Scoliosis screening

Maintenance of student health records and files (i.e., height and weight) update record of faculty and staff (i.e., Mantoux and TB)

State report - immunization and annual non-public report

State mandated policies



The president, principal, faculty, priests, school nurse, and township police officer provide informal guidance for students when the need arises and if necessary refers parents and/or students to an appropriate counselor. The Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission (MOESC) provides us with Child Study teams necessary for academic evaluation. Centra State Medical Center and Kimball Medical Center provide programs addressing concerns related to students' needs.


The Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission (MOESC) provides Compensatory Education, Supplemental Instruction, English as a Second Language, Speech Therapy, Special Education inclusion teacher, and para-professionals assisting students in need as deemed by a formal Child Study Team evaluation. These services accommodate students in kindergarten through eighth grades.