Mother Seton Academy’s Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

The cornerstone of our faculty is the presence of the Sisters of the Resurrection working together with our certified faculty. Our dedicated teachers and staff work with parents to provide quality Catholic education. Teachers are offered many opportunities to attend workshops and in-service seminars both on and off-site.

The administration offers financial assistance and the opportunity for those pursuing graduate work in the field of education. These professional development experiences enable them to keep abreast of new educational trends.

As professional colleagues, we strive for a deeper spirit of openness, support, and cooperation. We willingly share ideas and materials with one another and enhance the learning process of our students. We realize that successful professional relationships are based upon integrity and mutual respect, contributing to the Christian atmosphere which prevails at Saint Veronica School.

As a faculty, we assist our parents who are the primary educators of our students. We support one another and share the responsibility of providing quality education. Open communication between parents and teachers is encouraged. Parent-teacher conferences, progress reports, test folders, and report cards also help to keep parents informed of student performance. This communication plays an integral part in the spiritual and academic development of our students.

Our Faculty