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Report Cards

Report cards are presented three times a year - December, March, and June. Parents may access these report cards through Parent Portal. These should be carefully examined and analyzed by the parents, with special attention given to Personal/Social Development and Conduct. These marks usually indicate the child's cooperation and may often explain the grades received. Report Card marks are obtained by averaging the class work, assignments, and tests of a given period.

A child's progress is carefully noted by the teacher during the year, and whenever necessary, a conference is arranged with the parents in order to gain their support and indicate the child's needs. If there is not sufficient progress by January, the pupil's work is evaluated by all the teachers involved, the Principal and School Social Service personnel. If weakness is denoted in only one area, summer school or private tutoring is recommended. In some cases the pupil will repeat the grade, but ONLY if it is considered profitable for the pupil. Child Study Team testing may be recommended so that a child needing specialized teaching can be placed in the Resource Room or receive state-funding Supplemental Instruction.

Parents should recognize the fact, that intellectual ability is a gift from God given in various degrees at birth. Every person is asked to work according to the best of his/her ability. Individual differences must be recognized and provisions made for the pupil according to his/her needs. The school's chief concern is the child and what is best for him/her.


Homework is valuable for pupil training, mental discipline, and for absorbing material presented in class. Every assignment has a definite purpose. Parents are to see that the child has a suitable, quiet place in which to study. Children should be encouraged to work independently. Help may be given in further explanation, or in working similar problems, but not in doing the work for the child. Some children work more rapidly than others; some dally and daydream and are easily distracted. Guidance and supervision must be given as needed. An interest on the part of the parents in a child's assignments and accomplishments is one of the best means of motivation to spur the child to more intensive and exacting work. Parents are asked to check the assignments frequently before they are handed in. Note the neatness, the spelling, the paper, etc.. The same interest should be shown in reviewing graded papers. If a child brings home a paper to be checked and signed, there must be a definite reason. Your signature is an indication to the teacher that you have seen the paper and not necessarily that you are satisfied with the work.

The child must feel that there is full cooperation and a good rapport between the parent and the teacher. This will strengthen the work of each. Parents are urged to encourage children to frequent libraries and read good educational books to broaden their outlook. Books read for enjoyment are also a means of enrichment, but these should be checked into as to their nature, their language, and above all, their moral value.

If a long-range assignment is given, there is a purpose in it. Do not accept a statement that it can be done the last minute or the last day. The child must realize that his/her responsibility is to his/her schoolwork.


In the United States a PTA, Parent Teacher Association, is a formal organization that consists of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a public or private school. Most public and private K-8 schools in the U.S. have a PTA, a Parent Teacher Organization or an equivalent local organization. At the local level, the goal of all parent-teacher groups is to support their schools, encourage parent involvement, support teachers, and organize family events.

A textbook definition does not even begin to define the PTA here at Mother Seton Academy. The PTA is an active part of the SVS and SAS Community. They are a “hands on” organization, reaching out and making the school a better place for everyone on campus. Whether it is a Book Fair, Mother’s Day Sale, or PTA Christmas Luncheon, their impact on Mother Seton is insurmountable.


The PTA sponsors activities all throughout the school year. From the Fall Family Dance to Potluck Dinners; from the Family Fun Nights to the Ice Cream Socials; from the Walk-a-thon to the Mother Seton Academy Gift Auction, each and every activity planned incorporates the idea of quality family time while providing a necessary opportunity for parents to gather in a comfortable and safe environment.

Our PTA sponsors an Open House every winter on the Sunday that begins Catholic Schools Week. It is an event that faculty, parents and students eagerly wait for each year – the chance to welcome other families into Mother Seton Academy.

The entire school community is kept up to date on all of the happenings at MSA with the “News and Views.” The News and Views is a great source of information, pictures and articles pertaining to the things that take place at MSA every day, from the ORDINARY to EXTRAORDINARY.

The PTA meets typically once a month. All parents are invited and urged to attend the meetings. Volunteers are constantly needed to plan and implement many of the activities and fundraising activities. Please come out and join us!!!

Extended Care

Mother Seton Academy Before & After School Care program provides a safe, loving Catholic Community for students in PreK-8.  Families must complete the registration process. The extended care program provides time for students to prepare for the day and get ready for the school, to review homework in the afternoon and have some time to play. 

Mother Seton Extended Care program is a great program with great value!

  • Before school hours are 6:30AM to 9:00 AM

  • After school hours are 3:35PM until 6PM

  • Registration fee per family is $35 per year

  • Hourly rate for Before & After School Care services is $5.00/hour

Families will be billed are billed bi-weekly