Mother Seton Academy’s Athletics


Athletic Program Overview

Mother Seton Academy provides a variety of competitive athletic programs. The primary purpose of the athletic program is to promote the physical, emotional, and social well-being of participants.

Athletics in our school creates a positive and rewarding experience for our children by developing such skills as good sportsmanship, discipline, and team building.

Our coaching staff has completed the required training and has been certified according to state and diocesan guidelines.

Mother Seton Academy offers the following sports:


Fall Cross country (grades K-8)

Soccer (grades 6-8)

Instructional Soccer (grades 3-5)



Winter Cheerleading (grades 5-8)

Basketball (grades 5-8)

Instructional Basketball (grades 2-6)

Dance Team (grades 6-8)


Spring Track (grades K-8)

Softball (grades 5-8)

Baseball (grades 6-8)

Volleyball (grades 7-8)

Tennis (grades 6-8)