Incoming 8th Grade Class Information


Dear Parents/Guardians, 

The goal of St. Veronica School is to promote increased math performance for all students. It is important for our students to maintain and retain their math skills over the summer. Math is a cumulative discipline, each course builds upon previous concepts with more complexity, more integration, and more independent work. This summer math packet was created to provide extra practice on needed skills to enhance your child’s success in the coming year. In addition, this packet helps prepare the students for the next grade level. 

*Students are to complete all necessary work neatly on theme paper and place final answer on provided answer sheet. Theme paper, answer sheet and packet are to be handed in together. 

*Calculators are not to be used. 

This packet is due the day we return to school. We will review the packet as a class during the first week of school. This will provide students with the opportunity to ask questions and will direct them to the new lessons they will be learning in September. 

Enjoy your summer! 

Please download the attachments above for assignments.