3rd Grade Class Information


Dear Parents, 

Students who have just completed Second Grade are required to complete 2 book reports over the summer- one selection from the following Fiction list and one selection from the Nonfiction list. These books are available from libraries, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon.com. 

Please use template 1 for the report on the Fiction and template 2 for the Non-fiction selection. Both will require a cover. The student will use construction paper for the cover. On the cover, the student will write the Title of the book, author and illustrator, and their own name at the bottom. The student will draw their favorite part of the book ( not computer generated or scanned). Please use a separate piece of construction paper for the back cover and staple it to the template to make a report. Make two separate reports- one Fiction and one Non-Fiction. 

In addition to the reports, the students will bring in something that relates to or reminds them about each book they read. For example, if the book was about Betsy Ross, the student may want to bring an old flag their grandfather had during the Korean War. 

These reports are due the first week of school and each student will present their reports to the class. 

Thank you for your cooperation! Have a great summer! 

Please download the attachments above for assignments.