2nd Grade Class Information


Dear Parents, 

Summer is a time to take a break from school, but not from learning! We don’t want our students to fall victim to the “summer slide” and lose valuable reading skills they have worked so hard to gain in first grade! So, we ask that you help us in encouraging them to keep reading, thinking, and growing by participating in summer reading! 

Pick 2 books from the Fiction summer reading list and 2 books from the Non-Fiction summer reading list. 

• Enjoy reading these great books. 

Complete 1 of the 3 activity sheets for each book. 

Bring the completed reading activities to the first week of school. 

Most of the suggested summer reading list books are part of a series, so if your child likes a book they have read, encourage them to read more from that series or author. 

Be sure to participate in your child’s reading! 

1. Have them read aloud to you. 

2. Ask “who, what, when, where, why, & how” questions about their book. 

3. Ask them to tell you about their favorite parts and characters or how they can relate to the story. 

Please download the attachments above for assignments.